4 Ways Retailers Can Sell More This Mother’s Day

4 Ways Retailers Can Sell More This Mother’s Day

Shoppers are expected to spend big this Mother’s day. In fact, Mother’s Day spending is estimated to total a record $25 billion this year!
So increase your Mother’s Day sales by taking advantage of shopper spending habits. Keep reading to find out how.

4 Ways to Sell More on Mother’s Day

1) Offer Convenience

About ¼ of shoppers state that convenience is most important when picking out a Mother’s Day gift. So make it easy for busy shoppers to find a special gift – both in your store and on your website.

Consider creating a point of purchase display that features all your Mother’s Day merchandise. Make sure to use signage to lead shoppers to the display. This way, busy shoppers can grab and go!

Mother's Day display

Displaying a Mother Day’s section on your website is another great way to increase sales. To make things convenient for your shoppers, add product recommendations. For example, dedicate a part of your website to “Top Products for Mother’s Day” or “Most Popular Gifts for Mom”.

2) Give Your Shoppers Gifting Inspiration

More than 8 in 10 shoppers state that they are looking to retailers for gifting inspiration. So create a gift guide to give your shoppers some ideas!

You can start by creating a list of items for different types of mother figures (gifts for an aunt, grandmother, godmother, and new mom etc.). The gift guide should feature merchandise from your store but think about including some homemade gift ideas too!

It’s important that you make it easy for shoppers to find your gift guide. Since most shoppers will be searching the web for inspiration, display the guide on your website homepage. Include a call to action such as: “Thinking about what to get mom? Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide!”

Not only will this create a better shopping experience, it will also help you appear higher up in search results.

You can also create email guides to send to your mailing list and printable guides to give to walk-in shoppers.

Gifts for Mother's Day

3) Run Google Shopping Ads for Last Minute Shoppers

With 84% of adults expected to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can bet that there will be last minute shoppers desperately searching online for gift ideas. So target local shoppers who don’t have time to order online by listing your in-store products and promotions on Google with GoogleAds.

Here are some tips for driving foot traffic to your store prior to Mother’s Day:

1) Create a separate campaign for your Mother’s Day merchandise. This can be done with custom labels. Ultimately, this will help increase your online visibility and reduce your spending costs.

2) Use remarketing lists to target shoppers who are already familiar with your web site. This includes returning shoppers, previous visitors, and those who abandoned their shopping carts online.

3) Use descriptive titles and high-quality images.

4) 16% of shoppers are focused on finding a cost-effective gift. So make sure your promotions are displayed through your Merchant Center.

5) Use holiday keywords in your title and descriptions. Consider targeting general keywords such as “Mother’s Day Gift”, “Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day”, “Mother’s Day Flowers” and so on.

To learn more about the benefits of Google Shopping, click here.

Run Google Ads to attract local shoppers

4) Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

44% of shoppers are looking to find a gift that is unique or different.

So why not create unique gift baskets for different shoppers?

Some good ideas include a Mother’s Day Skincare Gift Basket and a Mother’s Day Healthy Snack Gift Basket. Click here for more Mother’s Day basket ideas.

Gift baskets are a great solution for shoppers who are unsure of what to gift their Mom. Group discounted items with regular price items in each basket. This way, shoppers feel that they are getting more than what they paid for.

Not only are gift baskets convenient for shoppers, they present the perfect opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.

Up-sell bysuggesting gift baskets to every shopper in your store. Bundling products in a gift basket will help increase your store’s average order value.

Cross-sell by placing smaller gift baskets near the checkout area so shoppers can easily and affordably add them to their orders.

Gift basket

We hope you found these tips helpful. Happy Mother’s Day and happy selling!

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Free Mother’s Day Stock Images for Retail Marketing

Free Mother’s Day Stock Images for Retail Marketing

We know how busy store owners can get (we’ve been there) and we want to help you save time! So as a gift to our retailers, we’ve put together a collection of free stock images for Mother’s Day!
Feel free to use these images for your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns. Happy Mother’s Day!
Download the images here for free.

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Sell More: The Importance of Google Shopping

Sell More: The Importance of Google Shopping

It’s no secret that Google is the most powerful search engine in the world.
So if you’re looking to drive traffic to your online store, why not start with Google shopping?

What is Google Shopping?

Google shopping (also known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs) is an advertising service offered by Google. It allows shoppers to view and compare products they are interested in purchasing.

The ads appear above search results with a product image, product rating, price, and store information.

For example, if you use Google to search for “gym shoes”, a section will appear on the upper part of the page with images of different products.

Google Product Listing Ads

The Rise of Google Shopping

Google Shopping has become the most popular advertising medium for retailers. In fact, Google shopping ads drive 76.4% of retail search and spend.

Clearly, many retailers are recognizing the benefits of Google Shopping.

Keep reading to find out how it can help your retail store sell more.

3 Ways Google Shopping Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Increased Visibility

Google Shopping ads are first to appear in the search results. Not only are they highly targeted, they are able to grab a shopper’s attention. This is because they are the only ads in Google search results with an image and a clear product offer. Google Shopping ads have been proven to have a 30% higher conversion rate than text-only ads.

They are effective because they stand out, making shoppers more likely to click on them. This means increased visibility for your online store.

online purchase

Attract Better Store Traffic

With Google Shopping, products are displayed based on the keywords used by a shopper in your area. This means your merchandise will be shown to local shoppers who are already interested in your products! So your advertising dollars will be spent on the right shoppers. Simply put, if a shopper isn’t interested in your products, your ads won’t be displayed.

This is why Google Shopping will help you drive more relevant traffic to your online store in comparison to other ad platforms. Google Shopping ads also have a 11% lower average order value compared to text ads, offering a higher return on investment.

Data Analytics

Have Multiple Ads Appear for a Single Search

Multiple products offered by your store can be shown during a single search with Google Shopping. For example, if you searched for “women’s running shoes”, multiple products from Lululemon appear. This can help increase awareness of the different product lines that your store carries.

You may also notice that your products will appear under related keywords. Ultimately, this helps you reach a greater number of local shoppers.

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Sell More: 3 Ways to Increase Store Sales During the Easter Weekend

Sell More: 3 Ways to Increase Store Sales During the Easter Weekend

It’s pretty obvious that chocolate sales increase during Easter Weekend. What’s not so obvious is the fact that retail sales rise in general!
So you don’t have to sell chocolate or Easter bunnies to benefit from the holiday.
Keep reading to find out how your store can sell more this Easter weekend.

Low-Budget Ways to Sell More During Easter

In-Store Promotions

Easter is the perfect time for store promotions or special offers. According to the NRF, 48% of shoppers not celebrating Easter still plan on taking advantage of Easter related sales.

By offering limited time promotions, you can sell more by:

1) Driving more traffic to your store. Shoppers will hurry to your store to see what deals they can find. So egg-cite shoppers with discounts on their favourite items!

2) Upselling by offering products in Easter packages. Package discounted items with regular price items to encourage shoppers to spend more.

Retail Sales Tag Image

Easter Giveaways and Contests on Social Media

It is estimated that 37% of younger shoppers will use their phones to make Easter purchases. That’s why it is important to showcase your products and promotions on social media.

Running an Easter contest on social media is an easy way to engage younger consumers. Make it fun and interactive!

Some good ideas include having your followers guess how many Easter eggs are in a basket. Or have them upload their funniest Easter pictures and tag your store.

For example, Spudshed held a selfie contestthat inspired shoppers to take a picture with the store owner.

Easter Retail Tips - Selfie Contest

Easter Egg Hunt

According to the NRF, 8 out of 10 adults plan on celebrating Easter. On average, an adult shopper is estimated to spend $151.

So why not hold an Easter egg hunt for adults? Place Easter eggs around your store holding promotions, gift cards, or special prizes. Use signage to remind shoppers to look out for Easter eggs and to redeem their prizes at check-out.

Other good ideas include tagging all discounted merchandise with an Easter bunny and using bunny feet to lead shoppers to your sale items.

Retail Tips - Easter Egg Hunt

We hope you found these tips helpful. Happy Easter!

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Free Easter Stock Photos for Retail Marketing

Free Easter Stock Photos for Retail Marketing

As always, we’re here to help our retailers save time! As a free gift, we have put together a collection of royalty-free stock images for you to use in any of your Easter holiday social media or email marketing efforts.
Download any of them from our Dropbox now for Free!

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Why Retail Stores Need ‘Google My Business’

Why Retail Stores Need ‘Google My Business’

There are an estimated 5.5 billion searches on Google per day.Yet, many retailers fail to use Google to their advantage.
If you are looking to increase your ranking in search results, Google My Business is an easy place to start. I’ll explain why below.

What is Google My Business and How Does it Work?

Google My Business (GMB) is a verified online listing service offered by Google. Any business owner can use it and it’s completely free.

In order to use GMB, you create an online business profile that displays important information such as store hours, location, website, and contact information. When shoppers search in Google for your business or similar businesses, your business profile will appear directly in the search results.

Now that you know what GMB is, you need to know how it can help you sell more.

The Benefits of Using GMB

1. Target Local Customers More Easily

To display the most relevant information, Google will always show search results based on a user’s location. When you use GMB, your local business will appear higher in the search results. According to Think with Google, 3 in 4 people who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores.

For example, if a user decides to google “pet store”, a list of local pet stores will appear. GMB makes targeting local shoppers easy.

Google My Business Pet Stores

2. Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Increasingly, shoppers prefer to read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. According to BrightLocal, 88% of customers trust online reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

This is why verifying and managing customer reviews through a Google My Business account is important for understanding and managing how happy your customers are with your store.

With GMB, customers have the option of rating your business out of five stars. They can also leave a written review. While there are other review platforms, such as Yelp, Google is the number one site for retail customer review management.

3. Helpful Local Shopper Data

GMB also gives store owners helpful information about who is searching for their business profile online. This includes:

  • How shoppers find you through the search engine. This could be through a direct search, a branded search, or through a discovery search.
  • Where the shoppers are geographically located.
  • The actions shoppers are taking on your business profile. You will be able to view if they are calling you, visiting your website, or viewing your pictures from your business profile.
Google My Business Data

4. Free Promotion Tools to Increase Store Traffic

Having a GMB listing is an affordable way for you to promote your business to target shoppers. Adding and posting attractive content on GMB is an easy way to increase your store traffic.

At the same time, having good reviews, clear contact details and professional photos on GMB will help you build credibility. It will also help you increase your presence in the search results.

Click here for more information if you are looking to register on GMB today.

Did you find this article helpful? We will be hosting seminars to discuss more about how you can attract local shoppers on Google. Click here for more information.

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