Check your hardware compatibility.

iPad and iPhone running TAKU

Work on any device!

TAKU Retail works on any web-enabled device with a web browser and access to the Internet. Newer devices will have faster loading speeds and larger screens will require less scrolling.

Sample compatible devices include:

  • Windows 10 PCs/laptops/tablets
  • MacBooks
  • iPad Air or Pro
  • Android tablets
  • iPhone or Android phones

Note: TAKU runs on all of the devices above but be sure to check peripheral/accessory compatibility as every brand supports specific operating systems. Similarly, TAKU will respond to various screen sizes and so the experience will adjust based on the available space on different screens.

Compatible peripherals

Compatible hardware with TAKU

Thermal printers


Printing over the internet:

  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, mCP30 (recommended)
  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, MmCP31L
  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, mCP31LB
  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, mCP31C
  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, mCP31CB
  • Star Micronics CloudPRNT mC-Print3, mCP31LNH

Printing over a network is also possible using the Print Preview in the browser. Please check directly with support at help@takulabs.io to confirm the compatibility of any existing network printers you are using.

Electronic cashdrawers

19″ or 16″ APG Integrated Electronic Cashdrawers (recommended)

Cashdrawers are controlled by the tape receipt printer. Any brands that work with the Star Micronics CloudPRNT thermal receipt printers or a network tape receipt printer can be used.

NOTE: Please remember to use the appropriate cable between the cashdrawer and the receipt printer.

Label printers


Zebra ZD411 Desktop Printer (USB)

Label sizes supported:

  • 1.25″ x 1″
  • 2.25″ x 1.25″ (default)
  • 2.25″ x 0.75″

NOTE: This printer is only compatible with Windows PCs.

Integrated payment terminal


TAKU Pay (US & Canada)

Moneris Cloud (Canada)

  • VeriFone P400

Barcode scanners


  • Honeywell MK5145 Barcode Scanner (USB wired)
  • Honeywell Voyageur MS9540 Barcode Scanner (USB wired)
  • Honeywell 1202G Barcode Scanner (Wireless)
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci Barcode Scanner (Wireless)

NOTE: Check manufacturer specifications to confirm if these barcode scanners are supported for your device (PC, Mac, Tablet)

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