See how TAKU drives retail growth

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Hutchings Farm

TAKU eCommerce made it easier for nearby shoppers to see what products are available in-store.

Petland Medicine Hat

They are now able to fulfill orders locally, which helps them avoid shipping costs.

The Health Hut

Prior to TAKU, they did not have a POS system and took orders with pen and paper.

Caledonia Building Supplies

CBS is now able to start selling online with access to real-time changing inventory levels.

Cream Bath & Body

We helped this retailer sell online with 4 fitting variants (matrix) and sync their in-store POS and online inventory.

Ruffins Tillsonburg

We helped bring them online so that they could sell locally, safely during the pandemic.

Kam Wai

This dimsum wholesaler found the solution to their high-volume sales and handling their multi-language menus.