Features Overview

Retail Management System

TAKU Retail Management System

Sell In Store

Line-busting checkout speed

Every transaction counts. Don’t lose sales because your POS can’t keep up. Whether you’re using TAKU at your checkout tills or on phones with mobile sales staff, get customer payments faster with a salesscreen designed for speed. 

Real-time access, anytime, anywhere

TAKU has more flexible hardware options than any other cloud-based retail POS software. This means smooth synchronization and the same great user experience across any web-enabled PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

Built-in flexibility

Don’t let your POS dictate the limits of your business. TAKU is designed to help retailers grow. Scale up or down seamlessly and rest assured that your POS will always be able to match your business needs whether you operate in one country or many.

Painless returns in store

Advanced store return functions for all sales that let you control how to accept products back into inventory. Manage returns separately or encourage exchanges to minimize lost sales and card fees. Have better control of your costs by restricting refunds or paybacks by tender type.

Cash management

TAKU’s advanced cashout includes customizable default floats, float breakdowns and access rights to manage staff, reduce errors and control discrepancies.

Advanced inventory search

Whether you have 5,000 or 50,000 SKUs, TAKU Retail is designed to allow you to easily scan your barcodes or use our smart search function to look up products by keyword, description, barcode, or tag.

Split payments

Give your shoppers more flexibility with their purchases with customizable split payments. Designed to minimize the number of clicks, our user-friendly payment screen allows you to quickly accept, edit and add notes to single or split payments, all without leaving the salesscreen.

Invoice notes and discounts

Add custom notes to each sale, line item or even tender. Easily apply line discounts or a total invoice discount. Maximum line discounting controls make it possible for retailers to set minimum sell prices or even not allow discounting on specific inventory.

Custom receipts

Email and/or print receipts in tape or letter size after every sale. Fully customizable receipt builders for every store with 30+ different options from grouping products to displaying your social media accounts. 

Fast onboarding & employee training

We’re proud of our support services. We’re even more proud of the fact that you probably won’t need them. TAKU is an easy-to-use POS with built-in smart product tours to train staff on all key functions in minutes.

Take Orders Online

Built-in E-commerce

Whether you want to sell online, offer an online catalogue or have customers pick-up/return in store to minimize your delivery costs, our built-in e-commerce features have you covered. Built-in feature of our retail management system.

Real-time sync with POS

See what seamless retail commerce is all about. TAKU will automatically track and adjust real-time on-hand stock quantity with every sale or return whether in store, at an event or online. Real-time stock information, wherever the customer is. 

No additional % transaction fees

Accept credit or debit cards with our cost-effective payment options. Whether you use our own integrated gateway options or accept payment in store, TAKU doesn’t charge any additional % transactions fees.

Pickup, local delivery or shipping

Minimize your costs with store fulfillment. Other systems don’t let you add on or offer exchanges to online orders during pickup – this is built-in with TAKU. And if you need ship out, you’ll have multiple options for 3rd-party shippers or to handle your own delivery within a custom area.

Sell on Facebook or Instagram

Don’t be limited to only traditional e-commerce. If your customers are heavy social media users, use our built-in Facebook or Instagram stores to sell directly to your followers.

Abandoned cart saver

Take your online store to the next level by managing lost customers with our built-in abandoned cart saver. Easily bring customers back with automated emails.

Built-in WordPress plug-in

Already have a WordPress web site? No problem, TAKU eCommerce has a built-in WordPress shopping cart plug-in. Easily add the ability to enable existing POS products for e-commerce. Product details and pricing are shared in store and online – no synchronization required.

Facebook Messenger live chat

Shoppers are increasingly using live chat for product information and pricing. Use our built-in Facebook Messenger feature and respond directly to shoppers, right when they’re checking out your online store.

Real-Time Inventory

Real-time stock tracking & history

Forget the days of checking multiple systems. Track your real-time on-hand quantity and historical movement across all sales channels or locations – whether online or in store.

Enter your inventory all in one place

We know how time-consuming it is to manage inventory in multiple systems. Manage details like product names, quantities, and prices with ease. With TAKU, you only need to enter your inventory once for all of your sales channels. We even handle meta titles for SEO.

Multi-channel image management

Don’t spend time uploading product images into multiple platforms. With TAKU, retailers can manage inventory images from a single place. Every new or edited product image in TAKU is automatically synced with your online store and social media shops.

Inventory worksheet with bulk edit

The first cloud POS with a built-in worksheet that allows you to edit inline, multi-filter by keyword, sort by column, show/hide/drag/re-size columns and even edit rows in bulk. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without us 😉

Unlimited categories & tags

When you sell in multiple sales channels, you need to be able to group products by multiple categories and tags. That’s why we’ve added the ability to add multiple product categories, tax categories and tags per SKU. Easily group products together for fast look-ups, bulk editing, listing purposes, and detailed reports.

Bulk item import

Bring your existing inventory items over to TAKU with our built-in mass import function that even helps you clean up your inventory data prior to importation.

Single Customer View

360° real-time customer view

See your customer history in real-time. Get a powerful overview of their total relationship with your business, across all channels online and offline. No more synchronization between multiple stores or platforms.

Customer fields like no other

You’ll be hard pressed to find another cloud POS that tracks as many unlimited fields as TAKU. Whether you want to save multiple shipping addresses or social media handles, we’ve got the fields for you. With built-in format validation, you don’t even need to worry about cleaning up the data later.

Customer groups & tags

Customizable groups and tags that allows you to group or sort customers any way you wish – VIP, senior, employee, wholesale, etc.

Internal Notes

Add notes to customer accounts to communicate important information to staff. Visible in all TAKU salesscreens to give your sales staff that extra edge.

Customer worksheet with bulk edit

Use our dynamic worksheet to search for customers with multiple filters or edit customer information in bulk. Whether you’re hiding, re-sizing or dragging working columns, you’ll love our spreadsheet-like functions!

In-store customer consent form

Properly collect consent for marketing when new customers register in-store. Designed to be used by mobile staff, our pop-up form will automatically show your own store consent policy.

Customer tax categories

Automate taxes, rebates or exemptions with customizable customer-based tax categories. Collect tax ID numbers where required for tax reporting in each customer account or on-the-fly during a sale.

Bulk import function

Easily bring your existing customers over to TAKU with our built-in import function that even helps you clean up your data prior to importation.

Be Found On Google

Reach local shoppers, wherever they are

Attract more local shoppers, right when they are searching for what you sell. Run high performing Google Shopping ads that can be activated and managed directly from TAKU for as little as $5/day.

Create an online showcase of your products

Use the built-in TAKU-Google My Business integration to automatically display your in-stock products underneath your Google store listing. A free SEO function included with all TAKU Retail plans.

Be found online

Unlike other POS that are yet another cost to the merchant, TAKU Retail is a POS that helps retailers appear higher up in Google search results. Set up and manage your Google My Business profile right from inside TAKU!

Your free micro-website or landing page

Create a beautiful SEO-optimized web page with custom colours, images and content linked directly to your Instagram feed, Facebook, Google and Messenger. So easy, it can be set-up in 5 minutes and runs on autopilot.


Multi-Location Management

Unlimited stores (sell from anywhere)

We weren’t kidding when we said TAKU is designed for multi-location merchants. Know what to expect when you’re ready to grow. Add as many stores as you want – there’s no additional charge to add or change stores cool. Don’t pay more just to grow your business.

Group stores by zones

Create unique, custom groups of stores (zones) based on your selling area (e.g. US vs. Canadian stores). Assign different currency, cash rounding, tender types, shippers and stock allocations per zone. 

Unlimited stock allocations

Easily split your stock to as many allocations as you need. Unlimited stock splitting makes it easy for you to keep your stock quantities separate for stores, warehouses, virtual stores, shelves, aisles, store stockrooms, etc. for every single SKU.

Scale faster by cloning settings

No need to set-up every store manually. Clone your zone and store settings easily to minimize the chance of error but don’t worry, access rights in TAKU are disabled by default so rest assured that access to sensitive information is given only when intentionally granted.

Built-In Training Tools


Unlimited chat support

Chat away with a real, live North American technician any time from 8am to 8pm EST. When you contact us, you’ll be chatting with one of our in-house technicians rather than someone in a call centre.

Built-in onboarding tutorials

Significantly reduce your onboarding time and re-training costs with our easy-to-use interface and built-in guided product tours. New users can follow a checklist of key tutorials to learn how to use TAKU right from inside the platform. Included with all plans.

Unlimited email support

We have a team of in-house retail experts ready to answer any questions you may have. Our support staff work with TAKU POS every day, and they’re ready to work for you.

Online self-help resources

If you prefer to follow step-by-step instructions, access our online knowledge base to find detailed articles about how to set-up, train or troubleshoot the entire retail management system.

Easy Tax Automation

Financial reports

Pull tax and tax exception reports by receiver so that you can easily submit your sales tax remittances.

Automated tax exceptions

Automate sales taxes and tax exceptions to easily handle your legal tax obligations without giving floor staff access to your tax settings.

Sales taxes

Set up sales taxes for any jurisdiction in North America. Tax automation available: effective dates, print acronyms, tax calculation methods, tax calculation basis, tax basis for e-commerce, flat tax, shipping included, refundability, recoverability, compound taxes.

Tax rules

Set up the rules for your sales taxes including: tax rates, effective dates, geographic jurisdiction (by country, region, city, zip/postal code), tax categories (by account, inventory) time limits, calculation type (positive, rebate, exemption), tax rule priority.

Reports and Insights Tools

Sales analysis reports

Break sales down by items, categories, and more. With our powerful “spreadsheet-style” reporting module, users can filter by multiple fields, sort columns, and re-organize columns. Minimize work by exporting only what you need.

Bank reconciliation

Minimize the amount of time required to balance your bank accounts. Our bank reconciliation report makes it easier for you to track the accuracy of your bank deposits.

Manager dashboard

For those with access rights, TAKU has a built-in dashboard to give managers a one-stop glance of how the store is doing right at sign-in.


One of the most common causes of shrinkage or loss in retail stores is through the mishandling of cash. Use our cashout reports to prevent any mishandling of payments and to track any loss or theft.

Privacy & Security

Unlimited users & roles

Customize roles for your business to identify, track and manage different groups of users. Assign roles to users by store for better control of your multi-store staff.

Separate client databases

We know that trust is key to the reputation of every business. It’s one of the reasons why we’re the only native cloud POS platform to host our client’s databases separately for lower risk of privacy breaches. So you can sleep a little easier at night.

Multi-level access rights

We know the type of security controls required for established businesses. This is why TAKU allows you to manage role access according to user actions and visibility.

Customizable store-level consent policy

Privacy isn’t just a superficial feature in TAKU. Wherever possible, we’ve baked privacy in by design. We’re the only cloud POS to offer an in-store customer consent form tied to a customizable store consent policy.

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