Point-of-sale made for growing retailers

Whether you sell in-store or on-the-go, create an impressive shopping experience for customers with an easy-to use POS designed for retail checkout speed.

One platform, any device. Sell more from anywhere. 

Sell from anywhere

Every transaction counts. Which is why TAKU stores data securely in the cloud. Finally a complete POS that can be used from anywhere. Whether you’re in-store or on-the-go, don’t miss out on any sales.

Sell on any device

TAKU works on every platform which means you can turn any web-enabled device into a station. Whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, you’ll have flexible stations for a better and more efficient customer experience.

Line busting checkout features

User-friendly with minimal clicks

Whether you use a keyboard, a mouse or a touchscreen, TAKU offers fast checkout with a few clicks.

Fast barcode scanning

Speed up store operations with an all-in-one salesscreen designed for rush periods. 

Speedy return & exchange management

Return or exchange quickly without giving up proper inventory control. Built-in features to manage your refunds to minimize merchant fees.


Easily revisit past transactions and look up a customer’s purchase history without leaving the salesscreen.

Easy tax & tender calculations

Built-in features to automate multiple taxes, exemptions, rebates, tender rounding and more.


Smart search functions

Easily find items with our smart search functions – search by keyword, description, or tag.


Quick keys

Built-in touchscreen and keyboard shortcuts designed for retail stores and fast salesscreen navigation.

Create a better in-store experience for your shoppers

Easily split payments

Give customers the convenience of paying for their purchases with different payment methods.

Email or print receipts

Give customers the option of email or printed receipts. Customize each receipt with your store’s logo, social media, and contact information. 

Customer accounts

Create new personal or commercial accounts without leaving your salescreen. Unlimited fields for addresses, phone numbers, emails, instant messenger, social media accounts or tags.

Parked transactions

Park a transaction in case a customer forgets an item. A history of all parked transactions will appear in your salescreen – so you can look up parked sales by receipt or customer. 

You’re in control

Manage users and roles

Create new users or edit existing ones. Define user permissions by role and keep private information hidden for more secure business operations. 

Cash management

Track all cash movements from open float to cashout for more transparency and cash management.

Cashout history

View detailed cashout reports by date. Check cash amounts by payment types.