Changes for US-based retailers on Facebook and Instagram

Changes for US-based retailers on Facebook and Instagram

Starting April 24, 2024, Meta will no longer allow businesses and retailers based in the U.S. to sell on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop through an online store integration. This means that products and orders sold on Facebook or Instagram can only be managed in the Facebook Commerce Manager.

This will likely have an impact on integrated retail operations as outside checkout methods will no longer allow:

  1. Orders processed outside of Facebook and Instagram to be synced back to outside commerce platforms.
  2. Product stock quantity in 3rd party integrated systems to update automatically after a sale on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Product tagging in social media posts.
  4. New custom and lookalike audiences derived from people who visited the shop.

This means that merchants will need to manually update both orders and products in any formerly integrated systems outside of Facebook and Instagram moving forward.

What are my options after this change by Meta?

While we are working to improve our integrations, we understand the impact these major changes will likely have on your business. The way that the changes are being made by Meta, it is likely there will be limited options for outside platforms to connect directly again.

To continue selling directly on Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop after April 24th, US retailers must switch their checkout method to “Checkout on Facebook and Instagram” within the Facebook Commerce Manager. Click here to find the detailed instructions provided by Facebook to complete this process.

Alternatively, you can stop listing products directly on Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop and add a direct link to your online store. While this means that you will not be able to list your products directly, you can still drive traffic to your own online store where you manage the entire shopping experience.

For more details, you can review the full Facebook announcement here.