Ruffin's Pet Centre (Tillsonburg)

Learn how Ruffin’s Tillsonburg used TAKU Retail to sell on

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Business Type: Pet Store
Products Used: TAKU eCommerce
Location: Tillsonburg, ON
Ruffin's Pet Centre (Tillsonburg)

The Challenge

Ruffin’s Pet Centre, a locally owned retailer in Ontario, has grown into the largest pet store in the Tillsonburg area. But despite their success, the pandemic created many challanges for their business.

With their doors now closed, they needed a way to showcase their products online and continue taking orders safely. However, with their items being too bulky to ship out, they were in need of cost-effective curbside pickup and local delivery options.

So they turned to TAKU eCommerce to move their physical store online and offer convenient fulfillment options.

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The Solution

The Ruffin’s Tillsonburg team decided to look for a new ecommerce solution that would integrete seamlessly to their exisiting POS software, had social media integretions and built-in fulfillment tools.

It wasn’t long before the Ruffins team found TAKU eCommerce. With TAKU, Ruffin’s was able to launch a user-friendly website where their customers could easily place orders for curbside pickup or local delivery. On top of that, they used the TAKU eCommerce Facebook integretion to launch their own Facebook and Instagram Shop.

Since implementing an online strategy with TAKU eCommece and selling on Facebook and Instagram, Ruffin’s has seen increased sales growth and reach.

Ruffin’s Tillsonburg is expecting to see a 25%-40% increase in sales

With TAKU Retail, Ruffin’s Tillsonburg can now:


Sell on social media

  • Increase reach by selling and showcasing items on social media
  • Offer more convenience as customers can buy directly on Instagram or Facebook
  • Attract more shoppers with retargeting ads

Fulfill orders locally

  • Offer local delivery with restrictions
  • Offer Buy Online, Pickup In-store (BOPIS)

Sell on every channel

  • Sell in-store and online with one software
  • Run your multi-channel business easily
  • Whether customers want to buy  in your store, online or on social media, TAKU lets you handle it all in real-time

What You Can Expect From Us

Fast Onboarding

Significantly reduce your onboarding time and re-training costs with our easy-to-use interface and built-in guided product tours. New users can follow a checklist of key tutorials to learn how to use TAKU right from inside the platform. Included with all plans.

Easy to Use

Whether you sell in-store or on-the-go, create an impressive shopping experience for customers with an easy-to use POS designed for retail checkout speed.

No Hidden Fees

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs or contract. Plans and modular add-ons that scale with your business. Option to try TAKU for free for 21 days.

Sell Everywhere Easily

Whether you sell in-store or on-the-go, create an impressive shopping experience for customers with an easy-to use POS designed for retail checkout speed.

Happy Customers

“Online will forever help. It’s an easy way to get to know customers. Putting energy into my digital presence has paid dividends. While we started with Chinese-speaking clients only, now we’re attracting English-speaking customers too.”

-Sabrina Liu, Q’s Pets

“TakuLabs helped me set up an e-commerce site so I could sell products from our farm store. I’m hoping to see a 25-to-40-per-cent increase in sales.”

-Sandra Hutchings, Hutchings Farm

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