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TAKU Retail Management Platform
Built-In Features
Features (expand all) POS for Growth All-in-One Retail Enterprise
One Platform, Any Device
Use on any web-enabled Device (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)
Powerful POS designed for Retail
Line-busting checkout speed
All-in-one salescreen for easy navigation
Smart search look-up
Quick recall of last search
Picture gallery
Suspended / parked sales
Sales orders
Refunds, exchanges and advanced returns (to invoice)
Add new customers or products from the salesscreen
3-types of line discounts (%, $, fixed)
Total invoice tender discount
Line item and invoice notes
Cash and split payment sales, returns
Tender reversals by line and paybacks
Customizable receipt builders (email, Tape or letter)
Customizable gift receipt (tape)
Customizable cashouts with float
Bulk sales by weight
Sell with fractional quantities
Customizable sales document formats
Built-in product tour for fast training
Automatic sales tax calculation
Customer in-store tax override
Built-in payment integration options for Sale, Refund, Void
Increase Customer Engagement
Real-time customer tracking & history
Share customers with all locations
Customer worksheet with bulk editer
Active / Inactive status for old customers
Unlimited customer groups
Unlimited CRM fields
Unlimited customer tax categories
Unlimited customer tags for look-ups
Customer image
Customizable account code format generator
In-store customer consent form
Mass customer import tool
Internal customer notes
Marketing: Work Less, Sell More
Be found on Google (Google My Business)
Free Google product showcase online (SWIS)
Inventory integration to Google Local Inventory Ads
Free micro-website/landing page
TAKU eCommerce
Online store (up to 2500 products)
2 e-commerce staff users
Enable / Disable for e-commerce
Connect Your Domain, standard SSL included
No TAKU branding
30 free, customizable themes
Buy online, pick-up in store
Buy online, return in store
Facebook Shop
Instagram store
eBay integration
WordPress plugin
Sell on Amazon
Mobile responsive shopping cart
Android and iOS store management app
Discount coupons
Automated Shipping & Tax Calculator
FB Messenger Live Chat
Real-time sales sync between POS and eCommerce
Real-time customer sync between POS and eCommerce
Real-time inventory sync between POS and eCommerce
Advanced SEO tools
Abandoned Cart Saver
Privacy consent options
Wholesale pricing groups
Product filters
Create orders
Product reviews
Bambora payment integration
Other merchant processing options
No transaction fees
Real-Time Inventory Management
Real-time inventory history
Real-time on-hand quantity tracking
Share inventory details real-time across all locations
Active / Inactive status for discontinued products
Alternative inventory title & description
Inventory integration description & policy
Inventory pictures with meta titles
Multiple inventory pictures with default pin
Inventory picture bulk upload tool
Inventory worksheet with bulk editer
Unlimited inventory categories
Multiple category option per SKU
Unlimited inventory tax categories
Unlimited barcodes with format validation
Unlimited inventory tags for look-ups
Physical and non-physical stock types
Internal inventory notes
Customizable SKU format generator
Customizable inventory document formats
Minimum stock quantity report
Inventory receiving with average cost basis
Mass inventory import with a data clean-up tool
Scalable Multi-Location Management
Group stores by zones
Unlimited stock allocations (by any location)
Customizable zone settings
Zone-based shippers
Unlimited stores (sell from anywhere)
Active / Inactive status for old zones, stores, stock, stations
Managing for Growth
Choose your own integrated payment provider
Multi-tender sales and returns
Multi-tender paybacks
Choose tenders for sales, returns, paybacks
Tender line notes
Customizable tender types
Customizable units of measure
Customizable currency rounding
Multi-currency pricing or costing of inventory
Custom tax set-up
Customizable tax exemptions
Customizable tax rebates
Active / Inactive Tax Status
Third-party bill-to
Third-party ship-to
Multiple tax rates by receiver
Reporting & Insights
Sales Taxes
Sales Tax Exceptions
Sales Analysis Summary
Sales Analysis Detailed
Bank Reconciliation
User Timelog
Privacy & Security
Unlimited custom employee users
Unlimited custom employee roles
Active / Inactive users
Access rights by visibility
Access rights by actions
Access rights by permissions
Separate client databases for lower risk
Customizable store-level consent policy
Training & Support
Standardized, intuitive design across all devices for fast employee onboarding
Unlimited email support
Unlimited chat support
Built-in guided product tours
Online self-help resources
Available Add-on: Priority phone support
Available Add-on: Premium onboarding assistance
Available Add-on: Emergency phone support
Expect more from your point-of-sale